High resolution printers

Aukštos raiškos spausdintuvai

High resolution printers can print any message with resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi) at 76 m/min. print speed. If reducing print resolution down to 150 dpi, the print speed can reach 152 m/min.

This printing technology is most suitable for coding on flat and porous surfaces. Never ending developement of inks already provides possibility to print on some non-porous surfaces.
In any case, we recommend to make print trials on real surface you wish to mark.

This printing technology is very convenient to use , because it works with changeable ink cartridges.
Printer with single cartridge can print 12,7 mm height text or graphics, barcodes, 2D codes and similar. Taking in one block up to 4 cartridges we may achieve print height up to 50 mm. Installing 4 blocks with 4 cartridges each we may print 203 mm height message !

High resolution printing may be done by using piezo technology print head.

High resolution printing is a proper alternative to labels.

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