Continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers

Rašaliniai / čiurkšliniai spausdintuvai

Company "BINČIS" has sold certain number of continuous ink jet printers. This fleet of printers coded  1:36 different products in our market, calculating, that average lenght of every code consist 10 character and working in just 1 shift per day. While You read this page, our sold printers managed to mark 1:36 products !

Continuous ink jet printers are the most popular among other technology printers.
They are popular because of following reasons:
- they are able to mark products on fly at very high linear speed up to 510 m/min., printing constant or variable message on very different surfaces;

- Information can be printed in 1 or up to 8 lines of text along the direction of product movement;
- existing very wide range of specialised ink for printing on very different surfaces and different enivironvent (plastics, metal, textile, wet, dusty, frosted and etc.);
- possible printing on non even surfaces;
- printing in a distance to the surface (with no contact to the product), so installation is easy.

Maximum number of lines printable by one ink jet printer (depends on model):

There is an exclusive model "Domino A ser Duo". It is the ink jet printer with 2 jets in one printhead. This allow to print up to 8 lines of text at very high speed.

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