Portable printers

Portatyviniai spausdintuvai

We'd like to pay your attention toprinter Speed-i-Marker 940, which can print eny text or graphic information in 12,7 mm height line.
Print message design, content is created by the special software and transferred into printer's memory.
Printer has supporting rollers to keep proper distance to the surface and just because they are connected to the integrated shaft encoder - you always obtain the same lenght of the printed message, no matter what speed you are moving your printer along the product surface.
Print start signal is activated by pressing the trigger.
Standard ink is black, suitable for printing on paper, cardboard, textile, timber; there are also some more colors available and also some inks for printing on non porous surfaces, but we strongly recommend to make some print trials on real surfaces you want to use this ink.


Here you can see some more high resolution portable models available

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