Handheld drop on demand printer

For coding on your products for any constant or changeable information - date of production, expiry date, product name, shift number and etc., we recommend handheld very ergonomic and portable ink drop on demand printer „EBS 250 Handjet". The main characteristics are:
- 16 ink nozzles, 150 micrones dot;
- Max printing height 27mm;
- Number of characters within one message is up to 1300, possibility to print logo with in Windows environment;

Large character drop on demand printers

Stambaus šrifto rašaliniai spausdintuvai

In case you are looking for large character, well visible code on your product, if your product coding has to be done in very harsh conditions, lots of dust, vibration, product's surface is PE, PVC, woven PP, metal, timber, concrete, hardboard, also paper and etc, then DOD (ink Drop on Demand) large character technology printers are just for your needs.
Message can be printed by č type printheads:
a) 5 nozzles - height of the code is 8 mm
    7 nozzles - height of the code 12,16 or 20 mm
b) 16 nozzles - height of the code is 32 or 50 mm

One printer may have up to 4 printheads !
I5 litre capacity in container.

EBS 230 Laufband PC

Video about large character DOD printing:

Also, available printheads with 7, 16, 32 and 64 electro magnetic nozzles.
Depending on selected ink, printing is possible on porous and also non-porous surfaces. Just because this is contactless printing technology, coding is possible on flat and also uneven surfaces in constant or variable speed.
Depending on size of the printhead, coding can be from 6 mm up to 113,4 mm in height.

 Single controller can control up to 2 printheads consisting 64 print nozzles each.

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High resolution printers

Aukštos raiškos spausdintuvai

High resolution printers can print any message with resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi) at 76 m/min. print speed. If reducing print resolution down to 150 dpi, the print speed can reach 152 m/min.

Continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers

Rašaliniai / čiurkšliniai spausdintuvai

Company "BINČIS" has sold certain number of continuous ink jet printers. This fleet of printers coded  1:36 different products in our market, calculating, that average lenght of every code consist 10 character and working in just 1 shift per day. While You read this page, our sold printers managed to mark 1:36 products !

Continuous ink jet printers are the most popular among other technology printers.
They are popular because of following reasons:
- they are able to mark products on fly at very high linear speed up to 510 m/min., printing constant or variable message on very different surfaces;

Laser printers

Lazeriniai CO2 spausdintuvai

Laser printers can print any text or graphic information, logos, barcodes, 2D codes and etc. Laser beam burns the surface to obtain contrast - that's why every product and it's surface must be tested before in order to select best laser source, laser wave lenght and power.
Just because laser printers does not require any consumables, except, the electric power, they are good choice to save in a long run.

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