Permanent coding solutions

Ilgalaikio ženklinimo spausdintuvai

There is no doubt, laser coding we'd like to specify to long lasting or permanent coding technologies, but they are so important, that we will describe this in a separate page laser printers to  spausdintuvus reikėtų priskirti prie ilgalaikio ženklinimo sprendimų, tačiau apie juos plačiau kitame skyriuje "Laser printers", while here we are going to focuss on other permanent coding solutions and technologies:

Elektrochemical – good technology to mark constant code on metal surface. It is not very convenient, if you need to change information time to time.

Just because electrochemical coding device is enough compact in size, it is convenient to use on large products. Such coding equipment may be integrated into production line for automatic coding.

Needle coding system is a perfect coding solution for marking on metal, plastic surfaces. It is ideal solution when we need high quality, fast changeable any text or graphic information to print on. Changing the needle power we may achieve deep needle penetration on many type metal surfaces.
Such Needle coding system may be stationery or even portable for coding on big products off line.

Some more solutions for permanent coding:


If You will allow us to provide your product permanent coding solution, we believe that our marking will last longer than the life time of your products - that's our duty to provide this.

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