Additives for anti-rutting

In order to increase asphalt layer's rutting resistance we recommend different products which can be supplied into hot mix pug mill manually or by dosing equipment.
1) Sasobit - special wax well blending in the bitumen and gives double effect: Sasobit 200x150
a) reduce bitumen viscosity in it's temperature regime above 110 deg. C - it is why Sasobit is widely in use for production of Warm asphalt mixes (WMA).
b) strengthens the bitumen and makes asphalt mix (asphalt layer) more rutting resistance when the temperature of asphalt layer gets down, below 70 deg. C.
The best results can be achieved when adding 2-3% of Sasobit into the bitumen and mixing it with slow mixers or circullation pumps.
Sasobit is very good to use in production of SBS modified bitumen, because it allows to increase SBS content and keeps PmB viscosity lower plus gives extra mechanical strength to the mix.

If there are no possibilities to add Sasobit into bitumen tanks, then it can be added into the hot mix pug mill in the same time with bitumen supply or after and well mixing. Sasobit can be supplied in 2 kg polyethylene bags for manual dosing.

Superplast  150x155As the modifier for hot mix, we can recommend special granullated polymer Superplast. This product we recommend to add together with hot aggregate and after melting well mixing it with the bitumen. Such hot mix modification improves rutting resistance for the asphalt layer. We recommend 5% of Superplast from bitumen content.




2) One more way to improve rutting resistance is by mixing recyckled tyre rubber with special additives - Storelastic into the hot mix. Storelastic 300x168

We recommend to add 10% - 20 % of Storelastic from the bitumen content.





3) Natural bitumen in solid form (0-5 mm or 4-12 mm) is another one effective way to improve rutting resistatnce for hot asphalt mixes. 10% of project bitumen can be replaced by 12-15% of the Natural bitumen to be supplied into the pug mill will provide better adhesion, longer life time for the asphalt and high temperature properties for the asphalt mix will be achieved similar as to the mixes with harder bitumen.   SLN 160 x130

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