Additives to improve mixing and compaction

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In case your hot mix consist significant amount of RAP (recycled asphalt pavement), we may improve it's mixing, bitumen coating by adding Iterlow RS into the bitumen .

If you worry not just about the mixing, but also good paving and compaction, then there is another one product we recommend to use Iterlow T Iterlow T - it's a good product to prevent from bad compaction when we use RAP in the mix, when we do paving and compactioning works at low temperature - adding Iterlow T into the bitumen will extend the paving and compactioning time, good to use when lots of manual paving spots have to be done and temperature of hot mix can drop down before we complete compactioning Estimated dosage of Iterlow T is just 0,2-0,3 % from bitumen weight .


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