Portable large character printers

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For your production coding (any constant or variable information, like production date, product expiry date, shift number and more) we would like to present to you a portable ink printer "EBS 250 HandJet". It's main specifications:
- 16 nozzles, 150 micrones;
- Maximum print height 27mm;
- Maximum message length - up to 1300 characters, there is possibility to print logos from Windows.

-There is internal memory for 10 ready to print messages
-Battery power indicator, up to 50 hours in one charge at +20°C, charging in 150min.
- Working temperature range +4°C +40°C
-Ink cartridge 110ml / Washer cartridge 110ml
Possibility to use ethanol, water, acetone or MEK base inks
- Currently available black, red, white, blue, brown and yellow color inks
- Up to 100 000 characters (7x5 matrix) or up to 17000 character printing 16x10 matrix
-Power supply 24V/1A, cable, weight Including battery and ink cartridge 980gr

For any constant or variable information, like production or expiry date, product name, shift code, 2D code or barcode printing we recommend portable ink printer „EBS 260 Handjet":EBS-260 200x200
- 32 nozzles, 150 micrones;
- Print height from 7mm up to 56mm;
- Number of characters in one message - up to 10000, to print logo from Windows;
- Up to 50.000 ready to print messages can be stored in memory
- Battery charge indicator, 16 working hours in one charge at +20ºC.
- Working temperature range +4ºС - +40ºС;
- Ink cartridge 200ml / Wash cartridge 200ml.
- Possibility to use ethanol, acetone base inks;
- Currently only black ink is available;
- Currently only black ink is available;
- Power supply 24V/1,25A, cable, weight 1,65kg including battery and cartridge.


„EBS Handjet" printers – very convenient way to make coding on your products avoiding use of stencils.

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