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Storelastic – is very special additive to improve following properties of asphalt mixes:
- it makes very good anti-rutting effect
- improves properties in low temperatures
- improves tire grip
- reduce bitumen oxidation
- reduce noise level for for the pavement
- improves bitumen adhesion to aggregate
Thanks to very fine Storelastic particle size, it's good free flowing, this additive may be dosed into the pug mill with automatic dosing equipment, or from fines silo, or manually feeding small bags.
Storelastic modifified asphalt mixes can be used for all layers of asphalt mat, for SMA, Porous asphalt, Low noise asphalt, Thin layers or SAMI.
Depending on application and specifications, the dosage for Storelastic can be 10-20% from bitumen content.
Storelastic is made of very fine particles of recyckled truck tire rubber , Sasobit and special Storflux oil.

Storelastic 300x168

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