Large character printers

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If you wish to have well visible, large character code on your product, if production process is under harsh conditions (lots of dust, vibration,..), if surface is not only paper or cardboard, but also metal, woven polypropylenemtimber, textile or even concrete - then large character printer - drop on demand technology printer might be suitable for your needs.
Customers requested code might be generated by print heads of two types:
a) 5 nozzles - character height 8 mm
7 nozzles - character height 12,16 or 20 mm
b) 16 nozzles - character height 32 or 50 mm

Single printer might have up to 4 print heads!
5 litre ink container.

EBS 230 Laufband PC

Here You are some video about this technology:

Also, we may install printers with 7, 16 32 or even 64 electro magnetic nozzles.
Depending on ink type, printing may be possible on porous or non porous surfaces, too. Just because this is so called non-contact printing method, so printing is possible on uneven surfaces at constant and changing linear speed.
By selecting different size printheads, we may achieve print height from 6 up to 113,4 mm.

Single controller may work with two 64 electromagnetic nozzles print heads.

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