Additives to produce cold mix for repairs

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COLD MIX 150x200

For production of cold asphalt mixes for road repairs we recommend following additives: Iterlene IN/200Special, Iteroil G40, Iteroil BG.
All these additives make anti-sticking film surrounding bitumen coated aggregate. Additionally to this feature, Iterlene IN200 Special also improves bitumen adhesion to aggregate.
We recommend following production process:
- aggregate of required granulometry have to be well dryed in a dryer drum and then have to be kept until aggregate temperature drops down to 80° C;
- warm, but not hot aggregate has to be feeded into the pug mill of the asphalt plant and well mixed with bitumen 160/220 (harder bitumen, for example 70/100, can be used as well, but the mix will be harder and more additives we will used). Usual content of the bitumen is 4,0 - 4,5% from the aggregate weight.
- when aggregate is well covered by the bitumen, it is time to feed in Iterlene IN/200Special or Iteroil G40, Iteroil BG into the mixer and continue mixing until we get good homogeneity. Depending on aggregate granulometry, bitumen we use, plasticity of the cold mix we expect, the dosage of the mentioned additives can vary from 20% up to 35% from the bitumen weight.

ItercoldLV200x150 1
ItercoldLV 200x150
ItercoldLV200x150 3

Very often in a simple way repaired hole can last longer, than the asphalt surface around it - it's a signal for complete renovation of the asphalt layer, because the patching of the holes is very temporary solution.

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